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Chemical Guys Acc_S06 Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush


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Chemical Guys pet hair removal brush

8 inch long head

Safe for all surfaces including leather will not starch off scuff

Ideal for removing hair, lint and dust from pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets, and rugs

100 percent natural rubber is durable, excellent memory

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  • Chemical Guys pet hair removal brush
  • 8 inch long head
  • Safe for all surfaces including leather will not starch off scuff
  • Ideal for removing hair, lint and dust from pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets, and rugs
  • 100 percent natural rubber is durable, excellent memory

10 reviews for Chemical Guys Acc_S06 Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush

  1. Courtney Lynn

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     If you have any pets with fur buy this! I have had my boy cat for 10 years and my girl for 6. They both have a different type of coat. My boy has thick fur and my girl has thick hair. Their fur gets absolutely everywhere and they always track their litter like most cats. This worked really well on my couch but I forgot to take photos. I decided to use it to really clean their kitty tower and wow! I couldnt even tell there was that much fur and debris until I used this brush. The tower I have had for at least a few months and this little tool made it look so clean and new again. The different textures on this brush help a lot too , I could get in all the little crevices of the tower!! Highly recommend 10/10

  2. kxy

    This got some really nastily embedded dog hairs freed from my car’s carpet and upholstered seats. It is absolutely essential to use a vacuum along with this; once the hair becomes free, suck it up right away or it will just stick somewhere else and embed itself.The 10-20 minutes some claim to spend to get all the hair out of an entire vehicle sounds too good to be true; I spent 3 hours getting all the hairs out, but they’re out!My second favorite aspect of this particular brush is that since the main body is a piece of metal, the brush and handle can be shaped a little bit to be more versatile than a rigid brush. The best thing about this brush is that the handle is also rubberized, which means you can use the handle itself to get into really tight seams or deep down between cushions.

  3. badcyclist

    The bristles are soft rubber. The brush doesn’t pick up dog hair so much as it allows you to move and gather hair to pick up with your fingers. It doesn’t clean every hair out of the carpet by any means, but it does a good job overall. Ordinarily I would rate it four stars, but it is a deal for under seven bucks, so it deserves an extra star for that.

  4. Chico1234

    BEST PET HAIR BRUSH EVER!! I have a service dog named Piper and she is a white short haired Labrador mix, I take her everywhere with me so pet hair is a part of my life. I use my truck so she sits in the backseat and it’s covered in pet hair, when I vacuum it only gets about 80% out and takes 30 to 40 mins. This brush without a vacuum took me about 10 mins to clean the entire truck! It is amazing!! It picks up all pet hair in 2-3 passes without fail and it doesn’t harm the upholstery. This is a must for pet owners! I use it for clothing, furniture, anything that needs pet hair gone. I have used it about 10 times and it had minimal wear.

  5. Elisabeth

    This brush does as advertised. I have 2 big black dogs (Doberman and Shepherd) and own a light colored fabric sofa. The both of them like to sleep on the sofa whenever I’m not home or not paying attention. I bathe and brush them regularly but still they shed. They dig underneath and use as a blanket all the different types of coverings I have place over the sofa, even those with elastic bands that are supposed to keep them tied down. Vacuuming is a pain as I have to get the heavy duty machine out because the smaller dust buster type doesn’t do the job. I ordered this brush hoping it would work, and it really does. It was easy to simply sweep the fur off the fabric.

  6. Bacardiprincess

    I will have to take a picture of the product, but I will add pictures of the insane fur clean up job we did. Our pitbull has always had a shedding problem. No matter what we did or food and vitamins we gave him… within a couple hours of vacuuming there will be a layer of his fur everywhere. He has areas of short hair and areas where it is over an inch long, we call him our 8th wonder of the world since he isn’t bald. Well he is 14 years old now, when we thought his shedding couldn’t get any worse… it did. It’s coming out in clumps when your run your hand down his back. Doctor says he is healthy. His hair is that thick pointy fur that weaves into everything and will not easily come out. Not with vacuums or lint rollers. The pictures are of him being in the car only 10xs and most trips were to and from the vet. The first 5 trips had a blankets covering the seats. It would have been impossible to clean our car without this tool. This tool got his hair that was imbedded in the carpets that a shop vac and a hand held animal Bissel vacuum with a spinning brush attachment couldn’t even come close to getting up. It was getting up hairs we couldn’t even see. Who knew such a little brush could work such big miracles. To get into tight crevices we used a rubber scraper tool also on Amazon, but after the fur was out of the crevice, this tool put it in a pile to be vacuumed. A++++++++

  7. FreckledFox09

    This brush worked wonders! My cat likes to sit and groom on top of my couch. I have a cover to keep the hair off and make it easier to clean off both my dog and cat’s hair, but it’s a pain to pull the whole thing off and on again every week. This brush was able to easily pull up very fine cat hair off her spot from a suede couch cover. I did have to keep it taught, but it was shocking how well it worked! I also used it on the cat tree and it did better than any lint roller or brush I’ve tried before. It doesn’t work as well on my dog’s corse hair, but as she is not the one who sheds (short hair), and because the vacuum already gets that hair perfectly well, I’m over the moon with this purchase. I think it needs lots of hair in order to work well, not single hairs like my dog’s hair tends to do.

  8. Ramia

    I have a shorthaired pointer and my car seats are black cloth + black carpet. I have a hammock, but when the windows are open, it doesn’t help the hair from flying all over the place. With the help of this lil guy, my car is now 85% dog hair free. Mind you I did spend about 3 hours detailing my car, which hasn’t been done since I bought it 3 years ago and I started getting lazy towards the end. Anyways, I first used an air compressor to blow the hair loose, then used this handy guy to help scrap the hair into the vacuum – IT’S AMAZING!!! Using a vacuum only, I could never get the carpet cleaned, but I’m so happy that I see black carpet and not dog hair covered carpet!!!!

  9. Kimberly

    This brush is must have for pet owners! It grabs all the hair off our couches! I feel like it branded just for cars but its amazing on furniture, bedding, you name it! For the price you can’t beat it. I really love that its reusable, I’ve tried lint rollers and other velcro type brushes but you had to by replacement pads and with this brush you don’t need anything else!

  10. Amazon Customer

    I can’t add much to what’s already been said but I’ll give it a try . After initially giving this a try on a black canvas bag , I went on to a couch cushion, and then another etc .I have three shedders , two cats and a dog who basically run my house!Had to take a break to text my friend who’s daughter has four large dogs . I told her she absolutely had to purchase this ASAP . After our conversation , I immediately went and ordered two more ! Thank you soo much for such an outstanding product !!!!! Maybe I’ll even consider getting another fur baby !

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