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DechraTopical TrizULTRA + Keto Flush for Horses (12oz)


EAR CLEANSER AND SKIN FLUSH for pets prone to infection

FRAGRANCE FREE soothing solution which can be used as a pretreatment before applying a topical antibiotic treatment.

NON-STINGING AND GENTLE formula which is safe for long-term use

VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED formulated for dogs, cats, and horses.

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  • EAR CLEANSER AND SKIN FLUSH for pets prone to infection
  • FRAGRANCE FREE soothing solution which can be used as a pretreatment before applying a topical antibiotic treatment.
  • NON-STINGING AND GENTLE formula which is safe for long-term use
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED formulated for dogs, cats, and horses.

10 reviews for DechraTopical TrizULTRA + Keto Flush for Horses (12oz)

  1. Rudy and Monica

    This has been a savior to my wallet. My dog has been getting frequent ear infections, due to abnormal amounts of earwax buildup. We tried changing his food, giving him allergy meds, and cleaning them regularly eith general ear wash. Our vet bills were through the roof. The vet did not know what to do and neither did we. My sister in law recommended this to us and it is the only thing that has worked. My dogs ears remain clean for longer after use and I have not needed to visit the vet. This is worth every penny. I am beyond happy with this product.

  2. MLM

    Ever since my GSP was a puppy, he’d get inflamed, red, gunky ears when the weather gets hot and humid or if he’d been swimming. Concerned pet parent I am, I’d drag him to the vet every time. Fast forward through rounds of antibiotics, ear cleanings, nights of him shaking his head and waking me up, my vet sold me a bottle of Dechra TrizULTRA + Keto Flush. Finally – something that works!Just last week I awoke in the middle of the night to my dog shaking his head… I immediately got up to flush and clean his ears. That same day the redness went away. 1 week later of daily cleanings, and the gunk is gone. No vet trip required!

  3. ? Bookwyrm ?

    One of my dogs has trouble with his ears off and on. I’m not sure what causes it, but rinsing his ears a few days after his monthly grooming and every couple of weeks keeps them clear. Before my vet recommended Dechra TrizULTRA + Keto Flush, I had tried other products, including several months of expensive prescription creams that didn’t really work, as they were antibiotics, then homemade remedies, etc. Turned out, we just needed to keep dampness and yeast beaten back a bit with this rinse.Finding Dechra TrizULTRA on Amazon is great because it’s cheaper than at my vet, it’s the same product exactly, and during this pandemic, I don’t have to go out anywhere and risk exposure to get it. Plus my boy’s ears are clean, not itching, and odor free. You can’t beat that. Very, very pleased with how well this rinse works to keep my boy’s ears healthy.

  4. Alexis Whitman

    Our dog has a history of terrible ear issues. She’s an almost 3 year old husky/mastiff. I’m pretty sure that what she had was recurrent yeast infections, mostly in the left ear. She would scratcher ear and shake her head so bad every week or so and I knew I needed to clean out her ears, they were so red all the time. The products I was using never took care of the problem though, just cleaned the surface gunk, it seemed. We got this stuff in December and have used it 3 times, including today. Only the first time we used it was because we needed to. The other two times were just for routine cleaning. Athena’s ears have had zero inflammation since we started using this stuff, and each time I clean them, they are progressively cleaner than the time before. There’s been no smell to her ears since we started using this stuff, and she doesn’t do any head shaking or scratching at her ears anymore at all. We will absolutely buy this again, for sure. The liquid itself isn’t super runny, so if you actually squeeze a little into the ear canal to clean the inside, it doesn’t run all over. It has little to no smell, in my opinion. It just works.

  5. Nurudeen Adeyemi

    We have a dog we adopted from the Baldwin Hills Animal shelter In California. From the moment we met him he’s had allergies and one ear infection after another. He’s been on medications and had injections after many, many visits and probably thousands of dollars spent. We love him so much. Nothing ever worked or lasted very long. We’ve changed his diet. We’ve gone above and beyond what we can financially do.From all of Doc’s scratching he would develop this yeasty infection. His hair would be gummy. There was a smell to him. No matter how much we would bathe him and have him groomed regularly.I used this product ONE TIME! Just once. And noticed a significant difference. It can be applied to the skin as well as in the ears. There’s no scratching. No paw licking. No groin and butt licking. No neck scratching. No head shaking. No ear scratching.He’s finally getting some relief. Without steroids and other cancer causing medications. He’s alright. I’ll update if anything changes.

  6. Christine G?M

    This is the same product my dog Lady’s Vet sells and recommends. I’ve been using this brand for 6 years and it does what it should do. It cleans her ears with no irritation and cleans them thoroughly. I drop a little squeeze in her ear while she’s laying her head on my lap, then massage the base of her ear for a minute, then I use a qauze pad wrapped around my pointier finger and wipe her ear canal, if her ears are producing extra buildup, I will squirt a little more inside, and repeat the short process. Works great to keep her ears clean and she never scratches at them like when I first rescued her years ago. Afterwords, Lady gets her soft chewy milk bone treat for being such a good girl. I definitely recommend this ear cleaner.

  7. Heather Duncan

    This works great for gentle cleansing of ears. It can be used for maintaining clean ears or a as treatment for getting your dogs ears back to smelling good and not icky, gooey, or flaky. As for my German Shepherd it is not her favorite thing to do by any means, but she tolerates it, and my Pitbull is ok with it. This really works well breaking down gunk in the ear, be prepared a lot of gunk may come out!To apply I have shaken the bottle, opened it already and strategically placed it next to where I will get the dog settled. I like to apply it to the dog with them sitting between my legs, them facing away from me with their but between my feet. Prepare yourself, your dog immediately is going to want to shake their head when you do this next step, do not let them shake their head. I repeat, DO NOT let them shake their head! Choose a ear, fill the ear canal with the solution, and very quickly close the dogs ear and massage your dogs ear. By massaging it will work the solution around in your dogs ear, when finished massaging, let them shake their head, and solution will come out. Repeat if necessary, and use a cotton ball to clean out gunk from ear if needed.

  8. Carmen Joyner

    Guys, this stuff is liquid gold if your dog has allergies especially in the ears of yeast infections in the ears. 5 days twice a day like my vet told me and Chief is feeling much better. All scratching at his ears has stopped 100% and that’s saying something because I’ve tried everything else. This was recommended to me by my vet and I bought it at the vet originally and it was the same price for a 4oz bottle. This is literally the exact same product packing everything, but more than double for the same price! If you’re struggling on how to help your pup give this a go! I thank my vet everytime we go because of telling us about this! Try it you will not be disappointed! Chief sure approves!

  9. R. D. Collins

    Recently our Golden Retriever, Cali, developed an ear infection for which our veterinarian prescribed Otomax ointment to CURE the infection along with TrizULTRA +Keto (this stuff) to CLEAN her ears. The Otomax is a prescription medication for the treatment of “canine acute and chronic otitis externa associated with yeast”; the TrizULTRA +Keto used alone won’t do the job, nor is it intended to. It will, however, keep the ears clean and thereby help keep the infection from returning, and for that reason our vet wants it to use it once a week from now on. BTW, not only was the TrizUltra +Keto less expensive on Amazon, it’s available in a much larger bottle.

  10. EYC

    Our water-loving doodle suffers from a periodic ear infection. Our visit to the vet last year they told me that they flushed his ears. A light bulb came on I wonder if I can do that at home?! (If and when there’s excessive debris.)Lo and behold we already use the same brand for ear cleaner. I found this product and flushed his ears with it. (If you want to know how just search on YouTube, it’s very easy.)Using this product together with Zymox, his infection was cleared within days. Saved us a vet visit.

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