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Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter, 18 pound bag


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Hard Clumping

99. 9% dust free

Use in mechanical

Superior odor control

Note: Replace entire box once a month. Dispose of used litter in trash. DO NOT FLUSH

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  • Hard Clumping
  • 99. 9% dust free
  • Use in mechanical
  • Superior odor control
  • Note: Replace entire box once a month. Dispose of used litter in trash. DO NOT FLUSH

10 reviews for Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter, 18 pound bag

  1. OddGabbs

    I have tried so many cat litters trying to find one that is unscented but doesn’t mask odor after a few days, and scented ones that end up smelling like cheap fragrance and ammonia. After trying a natural one (disaster) I took a chance on this one. THIS. IS. IT. This is the litter I’ve been looking for for years! I got the unscented one and I can’t smell ANYTHING. Even after not scooping for a few days I could not smell a thing, and I have 4 healthy cats. And the ABSORBENCY oh my god, it leaves NOTHING behind but fresh litter after you scoop. I’ve bought two small bags already and just purchased the larger bag, this is the only litter I will ever buy again, its that amazing!

  2. M. Dog

    I bought this product because of its reputation as being hard clumping, the Dr. Elsey’s has earned every word of their reputation. This is the best clumping cat liter I have ever used, by far; and I have used many. Absolutely hard clumps that stay together without crumpling as you shake away the excess. And, as a plus, I have not used a cat litter that does a better job of odor neutralization into the bargain. All those new light-weight litters that are easy to carry from the grocery store? Nope. Do NOT believe the marketing that they work as well as the heavy-weight stuff. They are, to be blunt, rubbish by comparison. The clumps dissolve in the cat pan shovel and sift away. NOT HERE. I really believe this is the best cat litter in the world.

  3. Jennifer

    Love!I was a loyal arm & hammer customer for nearly 8 years. They changed to a more powdery blend that did not dry the litter as well so I had to switch. Gave this litter a try because of the reviews, rating, and price.I love this litter and so does my cat! No more powder all over the house. No more powdery smell. No litter stench. No more litter stuck on kitty paws. No more litter stuck on her fur.Litter is easy to scoop and doesn’t smell foul when being scooped. Stays solid, even though my cat pees bricks. Perfect clumping.For reference, I have 1 small domestic short hair cat. She makes a mess of all litter, but this one holds up to her abuse. She uses a jumbo covered litter box (not automatic) with a the jumbo bag liners. I empty the full bag into the box and it works perfectly.Definitely worth a shot!Side note- I’m asthmatic. So, powders, scents, and powdery dust will make me have attacks. No issues with this litter at all. Don’t even have to wear my mask when cleaning it!

  4. Suzanne D.

    I first bought Dr. Elsey’s when one of my cats was diagnosed with asthma. I got the type specifically formulated for respiratory issues and was impressed by how much less dust the litter created and how it barely tracked at all. When my sweet girl passed away I kept using the brand for my other 3 cats but changed to this formula– Precious Ultra cat. It tracks a little bit more but still much less than other brands and dust remains minimal.I was really surprised after reading some of the negative reviews until I remembered that I also initially had problems with insufficient clumping and pee and poo sticking to sides and bottom of litter box. However, it works 100% better once you learn to use the right amount of litter. You need to fill the litter box up much fuller than you would with other litters. This way, the clumps are hard and they stay near the surface rather than sticking to the box. This tends to prevent lingering odors, makes cleaning out the boxes so much easier and I end up using much less product.e

  5. KO

    This is the first cat to live in my household (the sweetest 11-month old foster), and the shelter provided us with World’s Best flushable litter, and it was one that I saw was recommended from some folks, so I figured it would be okay.It was definitely not okay. After the kitten’s first foray into the litter box, our bathroom smelled *so* bad. I just figured that cat poop just smells really bad, and was willing to just deal with it, but my partner could not stand the smell, literally gagged every time they had to use the restroom. They implored me to try to find a solution, petitioning me to get a covered litter box. However, I’d read that covered litter boxes provide a really terrible experience for the cats; it also increased the chance that they’d poop elsewhere in protest, and I was not down for that.Reddit commenters seemed pretty enamored with this litter, so I ordered some, hoping that would help, but I expected that I might need to take other measures to really address the problem. But lo and behold, this litter has been fantastic! There’s some initial smell after a visit from the cat, but it quickly resolves itself (although that’s somewhat dependent on how much the cat bothered to cover the poop). The smell the rest of the time is basically non-existent, even when we have the door to the bathroom where the litter box is in closed all day (we’re socializing the cat, so she needs to be in a small, safe space). It makes it so much easier to hang out with her in there!I don’t know too much about litter, but compared to World’s Best, it might clump more?? The clumps are huge, and it feels like I have to refresh/change the litter more often. I don’t know if that means it’s absorbing more and so is more effective, or if it uses more litter and so is less efficient, but the improvement in smell is well worth it.Highly recommend!

  6. Bacchus

    This is great cat litter. It clumps well, and the clumps at least mostly stay together when being removed, even after almost a week.I used Tidy cat when I first got my new kitten, since that is what I had used with other cats in the past and had been at least mostly happy with. I first tried the new lightweight version, and while it clumped well, the granules frequently clung statically (i assume) to my cat. Meaning they were carried all over the damn house. I then reverted to the original formula, and while that did cut down significantly on tracking of the litter, the clumping frankly sucked. The clumps would barely hold together at all, leaving large amounts of the wet litter behind that was then impossible to remove without taking large amount of still clean litter with it. This necessitated much more frequent full emptying and replacement of the litter. Neither of these two options was acceptable.I then went online looking for some comparisons and reviews, and found Dr Elsey’s consistently mentioned as being the best or at least in the top two or so in every review. The reviews were not wrong, and I will be using this just as long as they keep making it.My only minor complaint is that I wish the bags were resealable.

  7. M. Sufka

    Buy this litter you will not regret it. I’ve owned cats for the past 18 years. I’ve tried nearly every name brand scooping litter out there…Tidy Cats, Tidy Cats Breeze (ok, this isn’t scooping, but I’ve used it), Fresh Steps, Arm&Hammer various versions, and I am sure others that I have forgotten. This is the BEST LITTER EVER. I have purchased it three more times since my original order and have now added it to my subscribe & save.The ORDER CONTROL is amazing. Using it in two litter boxes for three cats…we are all very happy the fumes are practically non-existent, granted I scoop every other day.It is SCENT FREE, finally my place no longer smells like cat litter. After 18 years, I am tired of my place smelling like cat litter, you know the smell. It isn’t as bad as pee/poo, but it does let everyone entering your home know you have a cat(s).There is very LOW DUST. I had read some reviews in which people experienced a lot of dust, not sure how that could be unless it was a completely different product. Once again, I ordered this 4 times. All were low dust..Forms GOOD CLUMPS and SCOOPS WELL. Once again, buy this litter you will not regret it.Finally, the PRICE. The price can’t be beat for such a superior quality product.

  8. Michele Hope

    The only litter we use. Clumps and doesn’t track hard to find litter that doesn’t do both. If I can’t get to the box every day it is still clean enough. I have a Maine Coon with long hair and rarely have had problems with litter clinging to hair between toes only one time in fact. My cat let me gently cut the litter out with blunt grooming scissors that haven’t any points to cut into skin that I have on hand to cut her long hind hair. You can also soak foot in warm to the touch water gently pulling the litter from the hair, which would be your best bet.

  9. Deborah Houston

    This use to be my very favorite cat litter. What in the world is happening to it?Everytime I clean my cats box I feel like I am moving “the rock of Gibraltar “!!! I swear the wet balls are so big and heavy that I can hardly fit them in my scooper. The worst part is that they stick to the bottom of the box like hard mud and I need a chisel to get them of if the box! It’s a nightmare and very sad since this use to be the only litter I trusted for many years but it just isn’t the same.Now I have to go on an expedition looking for a new litter and I hate doing that.Please stay safe everyone and if anyone has any suggestions I am open to hearing them.Thank you kindly…

  10. Amazon Customer

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    PetFusion ToughGrip WATERPROOF Large Cat Litter Mat w/ OUTER LIP. (EASY SURFACE CLEANING; ELIMINATES MILDEW). Large or X Large

     I recently purchased Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter and PetFusion’s ToughGrip Waterproof Litter mat. So far my cats and I are impressed.Let’s start with Dr. Elsey’s.I’ve tried nearly every name brand scooping litter out there…Tidy Cat, Fresh Step, Arm & Hammer, etc. To date, this has been my favorite; here are a few things that really made a difference.ProsThis litter does a great job clumping and allows me to scoop the used litter and really clean the box.There is very little dust and hardly any residue when I pour it into the box. That has been one of the biggest issues with all the other clumping litters I’ve used.It’s scent free, plus, I no longer get that strong perfume smell some of the others have. Previously, my cats would stay away from the box immediately after I poured new litter in, now they go right in.ConsThe litter doesn’t do a great job controlling the odor because it is not heavily perfumed, however, if you stay on top of cleaning the litter box, it’s not something that you need to worry about.The pieces of litter are larger than others, so when it gets on the floor and you step on it, you notice – especially when you’re barefoot.On to the PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Litter Mathttps://www.amazon.com/PetFusion-ToughGrip-LARGE-Litter-ANTI-MICROBIAL/dp/B019ZSDDOC/ref=sr_1_11?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1511210351&sr=1-11&keywords=petfusionAs far as litter mats go, this one is a keeper! I’ve purchased other mats before that would catch the litter but were very difficult to clean. I’m not sure if it was the material or the design, but they always seem to hold on to that litter or pee smell. This mat has been great so far, the material is holding up well to my cats’ nails, and it actually seems to make their paws release litter as they step on it. ProsThe ridged design, along with the high sides of this mat, makes it great at catching most of the litter my cats kick out and allows me to easily pour it back in.It is simple to clean – I just use some cleaner and wipe it with a damp cloth and it looks and smells like new.The color is neutral and fits in well with my house and is made from sturdy material.  ConsThe mat is a bit large for the box I use, so it sticks out a bit farther than the others.It would be great if they offered it in another color.Very happy with these products and would recommend them to fellow cat owners!

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