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Fresh Step Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze


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One 14 pound box of Fresh Step multi-cat clumping scented cat litter

For multi-cat homes and busy litter boxes

ClumpLock technology locks in liquid and odors on contact

Tight clumping cat litter makes for easy cleanup

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  • One 14 pound box of Fresh Step multi-cat clumping scented cat litter
  • For multi-cat homes and busy litter boxes
  • ClumpLock technology locks in liquid and odors on contact
  • Tight clumping cat litter makes for easy cleanup

10 reviews for Fresh Step Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze

  1. Carolyn Doyle

    I have two cats and would not consider using anything else. I am not the greatest at cleaning the litter box every day or so and this litter solves that problem. I am almost 80 years old and had cats all my life so you know that by now I’ve tried every litter there is.

  2. Jeffrey Seelman

    This is the same box I buy at the store, or should I say I used to buy at the store. I do not own a car and I have a bad back and so carrying cat litter back from the store is just plain dangerous for me. It is no more expensive to buy it from Amazon minute is to get it at your local store. I have checked the prices. Also, this is exactly what my cat and I like. This stuff has for breeze in it and is also has very tiny cat litter crystals as opposed to the large and worthless clay clumps that don’t do anything for the possible orders or anything else. I would highly recommend buying this particular kind of cat litter because a completely covers any castoff and also smells really good and produces no negative smell of any kind. I would buy this exact kind. And no other. A larger box maybe if you want, but I would recommend not buying any kind of the large clay stuff that doesn’t work well. I know my cat did not like it and when I started buying this particular brand and this particular kind of cat litter, my cat loves it and so do I. My guest would not even know that I have a cat if they would not see her little shining face. Highly recommended.

  3. Kathryne

    I bought this litter after reading all the excellent reviews. However, I did not realize when I was purchasing it that there were multiple options for weight. Even with my one cat, the 14 pound was not enough. Granted, I had to fill the box for the first time after giving it a thorough cleaning, but, just a heads up – make sure you at least order the next size up.Does a great job with odor control. Like most cats, my cat is a complete jerk. Accordingly, he pees onto the side of the litter box (inside it, thank god) and lets it run down the side into the litter. For some reason, this interferes with the litter’s ability to clump and it makes for a very gooey consistency mess that sticks to the plastic cleaning shovel. Delicious, right?Apart from this complaint, which I attribute solely to my jerk cat and not the product itself – I would absolutely recommend. Will buy again!

  4. Valerie Erwood

    Due to the clumping properties of this kitty litter, not to mention the Febreze in it, there is no scent at all from the urine. The only time I can smell her little poos is when she’s too lazy to cover them. Actually, that happens if I walk into the bathroom (well, excuuuuse meeee!), and then she just runs away. Also, it could be her diet. She usually gets fresh chicken or fish with her grain-free kibble, and I only notice a stronger scent if I forget to thaw some meat for her and have to get into her stash of canned food. Anyway, the running away thing is a natural instinct, so I don’t take it personally. LOL Anyway, I scoop it right away and turn on the fan for awhile. Nobody would know I have a cat. Well, unless they come to the door. She’s extremely social and loves to meet new people. I’ve thought of trying the pine type of litter, but I’m used to her kicking some litter out of the box and having to sweep it up. Otherwise, I’ve been using this one since I adopted Lucy over a year and a half ago, so no complaints!

  5. DB

    I love the individual 5 pound bags that come in a 4-6 pack that Fresh Step makes. It is easier to lift and fill your cats litter box. They are small and stackable in the cupboard without breaking your wrists and back.I only buy the box when I cannot find the little bags. I have found delivery issues where I live which is close to a major Amazon facility. Might be too heavy for drivers?!? I wouldn’t want to drag these boxes and bags around. So hats off to them.The Fabreeze scent is great and I’m lucky my cat doesn’t seem to mind. I have used those products over the years so she could be accustomed to it.I will say, I have tried many clumping litters over many years and Fresh Step really improved their product a couple years back.I used Ever Clean for many years but found Fresh Step just as good and works almost identically which made it a better value because it was a lot cheaper.Although I think the price has creeped back up because of improvements to their litter in recent years, either way, I’m happy and will continue to buy Fresh Step and I hope the four pack 5 pound bags with fabreeze are available soon. I also hope they keep their prices competitive.

  6. Stacey

    I found a pregnant stray cat that gave birth to 6 kittens. I’ve tried so many different litter and litter box systems. This is by far my favorite. I’m very clean so I hated having my house smell like a litter box. I clean this once or twice a day and completely change out the litter once a week. The fact that I only have one litter box for so many cats and it’s keeping down the odor is amazing. I use fresh step deodorizing crystals but I don’t even need those. I just like the extra clean scent. I’m caring for 15 stray cats so affording to take care of them all (including vet costs and feeding them) is a lot so love the price point of this too.

  7. Angie Rich

    Not only keeps odors down but prevents Amelia as well. Great clumping liter that’s easy to clean up and smells good. Just be careful when you open the liter container; the box is filled to the brim which is a good thing. I use it along with “Okocat” which is a lot different in texture and composition -made like pellets. Okocat is good but Fresh Extreme really keeps odors away. Both together work great and keep costs down when buying premium liter.

  8. JoAnn Pinkerton

    I am so pleased with this litter in every way! I adopted two shelter kittens who would not bury their business and I read it was because they didn’t like the litter. After I got this litter, they do what cats are supposed to do!! And the fragrance is not overpowering.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Firstly, thank you to seller and amazon for shipping out kitty litter quickly especially during covid. I work front lines and was strictly home and work and as I have 5 autoimmune conditions and elderly parents one who recently overcame cancer. I didn’t even see them for months and still haven’t, over the fear of a lot of exposure but to date no dx ! anyway, I got a few of these delivered, I have an adult cat and a kitten – I’m allergic to both but whatever. This is the one litter that doesn’t kill my allergies when I scoop or fill the boxes – my husband was hesitant about 1 cat who we then adopted as an adult and he likes her but she’s very to herself. Somehow he let me have a kitten (we also 5 dogs and if I wanted a kangaroo he’d literally let me have that too honestly) as we both weren’t “cat people” and he just hates the smell of litter and how they walk on counters and all of that. Our kitten is a maniac but she was 8 weeks when I got her last month, she wasn’t litter trained apparently but immediately used the box in the car on our way home and forever moving forward. This litter conceals the smell and is easy to scoop without breaking up the waste and making it gross. I love this litter, it doesn’t leave paw prints all over my house or counters or tables, she’s stuck her paw in an African cichlid tank and nothing changed with water levels (idk if it even would but just making note of that lol). It’s also easy to pour. I love the boxes so much – I have C5, c6, c7 disc injuries with chronic pain disorder due to C5 causing nerve pain and c6 has a hairline crack. I work full time and crazy hours so having litter enough for two cats delivered fast to my house really made me appreciate this silly box of litter enough to leave this review.Disclaimer is that I have tried other brands, and this one has always taken the cake. It was hard to litter lately and between working frontlines in NYC covid pandemic, and not wanting to risk the safety of other plus the sheer fear that I have FIVE autoimmune disorders, I was so afraid honestly more about others. So having this be delivered so fast during a global pandemic just made me very grateful. My kitties say that m you!

  10. Quasimotos Bride

    Fresh Step with Febreze line review from this cat owner…This stuff is the best litter I’ve ever bought, ever. And I’ve been using it religiously now for months… I won’t go back to anyting else. I’ve had cats for most of my adult life and this stuff is pretty freaking amazing. It actually smells good, even when you are cleaning the litter box out, if you are like me and you scoop everyday… And it competes with the Lesser Tidy cat Glade litter at Big Lots .I’m telling you, if you own cats and you try this stuff, you will thank me for the review.Coming from a woman with multiple cats, that lives in a big apartment in the sky, that doesn’t have an apartment that smells like cats.?

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