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Good’N’Fun Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs


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A Savory Combination Of Five Flavors That Dogs Love Most

Treats Made From Rawhide And Pork Hide, Then Wrapped With Real Chicken, Duck And Chicken Liver

Natural Chewing Action Helps Reduce Tartar Buildup

Great Source Of Protein

Satisfy Your Dog’S Natural Urge To Chew

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  • A Savory Combination Of Five Flavors That Dogs Love Most
  • Treats Made From Rawhide And Pork Hide, Then Wrapped With Real Chicken, Duck And Chicken Liver
  • Natural Chewing Action Helps Reduce Tartar Buildup
  • Great Source Of Protein
  • Satisfy Your Dog’S Natural Urge To Chew

10 reviews for Good’N’Fun Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs

  1. Rayna Powers

    These are great for my dog! He is a little 7lbs Yorkie Pom mix & has a very particular stomach. He cannot have a lot of these chewy type products because otherwise he gets super sick. These are easy on his stomach & we’ve never had a problem with them being spoiled or outdated when we got them. We have them delivered to us every single month, as he gets one a day. And what’s great about these is that they are pretty soft compared to giving a dog chicken jerky or something similar and we don’t have to worry about this giving our dog a stomach ulcer. He loves these and looks forward to them every night after dinner! I definitely love that these are available for subscribe & save because it is much cheaper doing it on here than buying them in the stores! I promise you won’t be disappointed with these! They are perfect for smaller dogs!

  2. Gaurav Sharma

    My pup loves it. She gets one every morning after her walk and if we forget to give it she knows where it is kept, and would whine away to glory and stare at the box.Only chew that’s doesn’t upset her tummy!

  3. Chauncy123

    My dog absolutely loves these treats. He is extremely picky (for a rescue!), and I have a “graveyard” of treats that I guessed he might like–but absolutely not! So far these are one of the only two treats he will eat. But, he demolishes them in 10 minutes, so he goes through a bag fairly quickly. I tried getting the larger version so they would last longer, but again, for some reason he wouldn’t touch them!! By the way, they are also half the price at Walmart.

  4. Jules B

    My 14 year old Italian Greyhound had all of his teeth removed. Because of this, I didn’t think he was able to chew on treats anymore. But he got a hold of my other dog’s kabob and went to town. He chewed this thing to pieces with his little gummy mouth lol. He ate the chunks off, but when it came to the rawhide, he would suck on it for a bit, but never actually ate any of that. I bought him a new pack every week after this. He would beg for one during the day, and he knew what the package sounded like and would get so stoked when he knew it was coming. He passed away a month ago, and I still have one of his kabob sticks still sitting on his bed =( He loved them so much

  5. Ansa

    What is there to really say? I have never met a single dog that doesn’t go absolutely crazy over these bones. (Even my cat lurks around while my bigger dog is chewing and tries to snatch up any fallen pieces!)These bones are a TREAT, though. They are thin, not very big, and the three chunks are soft and meaty/tasty. Even my tiny dog can go through one of these bad boys in a couple of minutes. Do not buy these expecting to be able to entertain your dog for hours. I predict they will be gone in minutes!They are a great treat, though. Like I use small treats for good behavior in the moment (like tricks), I use these Good N’ Funs here and there as treats after a longer, stressful period of time (baths, trip to the vet/groomer, etc.)SAFETY: I can’t speak on their safety for very large dogs, but I personally have never had any problems or seen the bones end in a piece that is awkward/possibly dangerous for small to medium/bigger dogs.These bones are very expensive, but it’s because they are a high quality luxury. They are for special occasions. I was excited to find them on Amazon! They are at least slightly cheaper than any stores I’ve been to (and I’ve never found the bigger bags locally). So far I have not had any problems with shipping or damage, past expiration dates, mold, etc. I know it can be a risky business ordering edible dog products on Amazon, but this one has been a safe bet for me.

  6. Robin S

    PLEASE DO NOT FEED ANY OF GOOD N FUN PRODUCTS!!!! Both of my dogs have been so sick from these!!! I didn’t know that it was recalled. We thought that my shepherd had arthritis due to being 11. After numerous visits, xrays, lots of money….we were told it was neurological. Lots of pain meds and nerve meds. All of the sudden one morning, I thought… His treats??? So out of pure curiosity, I googled Good n Fun…side effects…i was HORRIFIED! My little Shiztu has also been throwing up everyday….which we thought was a digestive issue. I didn’t know that they were from China!! My shepherd could barely walk…cant hardly lift his hind up. We thought typical hip dysplasia..age. He is slowly getting better…still has bad days where he can barely walk. These were his FAVORITE treats. NO MORE!!! I went to return the pkgs I had and Amazon instantly returned my money and would not accept the return…so threw them all away….PLEASE DONT FEED TO YOUR PUPS!!!!

  7. Amazon Customer

    My picky 4 year old poodle chihuahua mix is obsessed with these. This is the only treat he’ll eat. We have tried bits of steak, chicken, peanut butter, other treats etc. etc. He ignores it until you offer one of these. I didnt know they were available in this size bag until recently. I have been buying the 18 count bag for about a year. I ran out last week and figured I would buy some in the a.m. since it was late at night. My puppy boy must of sensed it. He whined for over an hour. Pawed at our bed and then started barking and pacing. I got on Amazon. Because of Prime and the price of me ordering 3 bags it was delivered in a couple of hours. Thank goodness. I gave one to my puppy dog who crept into a corner. Chewed contently with his eyes closed until he finished it and went to sleep. I am looking into triple kabob rehab for him. If I could i’d give 10 stars!

  8. Amy Ng

    But they are so hard to find and so expensive. The price for the 48oz went up a lot and I can’t afford to buy them as often as I did before when they were cheaper. It’s a shame because my dogs really love this product.

  9. Melinita

    I actually have a dog with zero interest in rawhide bones (that’s how I’ve kept my past dogs entertained when I’m busy & they’re bored)! So this (which does have a straw-like piece of rawhide down the middle), at 5-7 minutes, is the longest-lasting treat she will eat! She absolutely loves it! Every morning she gets one. We always play, “which hand/wrist is it behind”? I hold both arms out so it’s hidden & she sniffs to discover which hand is hiding it. She never tires of this & is always so proud of herself! They even smell good to me so they must taste good to her! The price is reasonable, too.

  10. Spike

    According to Amazon: I’ve ordered this 31 times, over 100 units. LOL It’s my dog’s favorite treat… no joke, he flips out when he gets one. He eats the kabobs but just chews the stick a little, then leaves it for me to toss out. Good thing, I’m not really a fan of feeding my dog rawhide.sINCE ’17. The price had always been $15.43 (36ct), but during the pandemic the price skyrocketed over $24 ???What robbery!!!!! AND that’s when I edited my review to only 3 stars.About a month ago, the price dropped to $8 and I flipped out!!! I bought 10 packs right away. If you go to BIGLOTS/99c STORE, you can get a pack of 6 kabobs for $8… simple math: shopping on Amazon is saving me 8 x the money. $8 for 36 kabobs, such a blessing!!! SURELY THIS WON’T LAST LONG, SO I’M BUYING AS MANY AS I CAN.

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