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Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food, 22 Pounds


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Contains (1) 22 Pound Bag of Dry Cat Food

Complete and balanced nutrition

Provides all essential vitamins and minerals

High quality protein helps support strong, healthy muscles

Made in the USA

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  • Contains (1) 22 Pound Bag of Dry Cat Food
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Provides all essential vitamins and minerals
  • High quality protein helps support strong, healthy muscles
  • Made in the USA

10 reviews for Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food, 22 Pounds

  1. Jen M.

    I know it’s not great quality food, but that cats DO love it. We feed 2 ferals 1 cup a day. They are basically our cats, except they hate us and only come by for food. So, basically, just like regular cats. This is probably the best value going for cat food, in general, and is perfect for putting outside. Occasionally a trash panda or a possum will stop by, but the food is usually gone early. I usually buy a better food for my indoor pet cat, but if I run it, he loves this stuff, too. Amazon prime = fast and cheap this food.

  2. Paffenator101

    My cat is a jerk, all love, but still, jus chill feline!He loves eating! MeowMix satisfies his ridiculous howl for food.Then he usually attacks a loaf of bread, plastic and all, and takes a bite out of every piece. Then Proceeds to attack a plant he has decided is his enemy that day, then relaxes in a rectangle woven basket on the table, or the most recently shipped Amazon box that sits right next to the $40.00 cushy kitty bed I purchased that he has never trusted. I have no idea how to answer these next questions, taste? Not going to.Scent, smells like the bottom of a boat that sat in the sun after fishing all day! Which I guess is perfect for my feline boy. Value? I can answer that one, my turn! Great value! I asked him, he said thumbs up ( while sitting around in his Amazon box

  3. Old U.S. Marine

    All 10 of my cats that I’ve had over the last seven years don’t want anything else, in fact they seem to become indignant when I try to feed them the more expensive brand, or a different flavor of meow mix. They literally run to thier dishes when they hear me pouring food in their bowls.

  4. Tom H.

    The stray cats I feed like this variety because the pieces are bigger. It allows them to crunch them a bit. Also, one of my strays has issues eating in that he opens his mouth way too wide every time, and food falls out. The larger chunks tend to stick to his tongue better, keeping it inside for his next chomp that allows him to finally eat it. And the price can’t be beat. Granted, it is not the BEST nutrition-wise. But it isn’t bad, and for my sake (strays and feral cats) it is exactly what I am looking for. I’m not going to be spending a fortune on them to get them the gourmet food.

  5. puket3

    Let’s see, cheaper than local department store, plus I don’t have to carry it. Hmmm…..something of a no-brainer if you ask me. Only downfall is that it won’t be stored in the back of my car in the winter for weight on those snowy roads. Guess I’ll have to find something else to stash back there, shouldn’t be too difficult. Oh, and for those of you cynics out there who think this isn’t very healthy food, Kiah, God bless her, lived to be old enough to buy beer (21) and her diet was close to solely Meow Mix and treats her entire life. Tia, her pal, lived almost long enough to drive a car on the same diet (16), so I think there must be some healthy stuff in there somewhere.

  6. J. Cho

    My two cats (female and male) have been eating this food since they we were little around 8weeks old. Since then, I was not able to switch them to wet food. I hear dry food will cause kidney stones (highly likely for male cats) so what I do to prevent as much as I can is to pour enough water when I feed them so that this softens and absorbs water and that I have a peace of mind about kidney stones. The pieces are big enough so that my female cat always bites into smaller pieces and then swallows it. I will purchase again every 2-3months.

  7. Moe’s Mom

    I’ve tried other catfoods many times. My babies eat it for a few days, then they just pick at it. I go back to Meow Mix Original & everything is all right with the world. I finally gave up. If they’re happy, then they can have their Meow Mix.

  8. Greeneyez

    At least 9 cats have been abandoned about 5 or so weeks ago in my neighborhood so i have taken the humanitarian to take care of these cats .I have been buying this cat food and they seem to be healthy. I feed them twice a day. I just wish i can find homes for them. I have bought over 100 pounds of food so far.

  9. to jennie

    My cats love this stuff. And theyve been eating it since they could have dry food. Its so much more affordable than others. They used to be on a diet of this and a wet diet also, but they were having problems with vomiting way too frequently and they were too thin and needed to be free fed and their fur was getting dull and coarse, so i started free feeding them dry food around the clock and theyd be given wet food a few times a day, but they were still having issues. Then I switched their diet to dry food only, and theyve stopped vomiting almost entirely, they only vomit from time to time which is normal, and their coats have become shiny and soft again. I hear that its best to have a wet and dry diet for your cats but i had to problem solve so in testing i went dry only and its working. If any problems come up from being on a dry only diet, i will try other tests. But so far, for the past several months, theyve been on dry only, and this has been doing the trick. I’ve heard about a lot of negative reviews of this product, and i cant speak for those people and their experiences, but my cats are doing just fine on this diet. Theyre doing much better than they were before. I dont know if all wet food mixed with this in their stomachs makes them sick, or if the problem was that the wet food was bad, but they were vomiting all the time, and now they arent. Every cat is unique, has their own tastes, allergies, and health, so you might have to test different diets to see what works for your cat(s).EDIT October 20, 2018This stuff is still working for us.

  10. Rachel Rocks

    If you have a cat that isn’t eating, just open this bag and the waft of this Cat Whisperer do it’s work. I very much prefer to feed whole foods to my pets…because I wasn’t blessed with children, just fur babies. My kid-ten stopped eating her really-good-for-you food until I mixed this in. She’s still growing and I want to keep her as long as possible. If that’s one thing I can do, is take care of fur babies for as long of a life as possible; my all white German Sheppard lived until 16 (I miss you Cleopatra Louise!)So far the rest of the litter I believe she’s from are MUCH bigger than her and they have mostly eaten this food (unless of course they’re cheating on me with another mom!!??). In fact they will not come to me ever, but they will stand within inches of the glass at the side door and get really mouthy if I don’t have a scoop out by 8am most days. Thank goodness there’s only 3 of them…

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