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Milk-Bone Pill Pouches Dog Treats, Real Chicken Flavor


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Contains (5) 6 Ounce Bags of 25 Dog Treats for dogs of all sizes (125 treats total)

Helps conceal taste and smell of medication inside

Fits most capsules and tablets

Great-tasting and mess-free

No by-products, meals or artificial flavors

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Milk-Bone Pill Pouches Dog Treats, Real Chicken Flavor, 6 Ounces (Pack of 5) : Everything Else

  • Contains (5) 6 Ounce Bags of 25 Dog Treats for dogs of all sizes (125 treats total)
  • Helps conceal taste and smell of medication inside
  • Fits most capsules and tablets
  • Great-tasting and mess-free
  • No by-products, meals or artificial flavors

10 reviews for Milk-Bone Pill Pouches Dog Treats, Real Chicken Flavor

  1. Samantha

    I have been using pill pockets and peanut butter to give my dog pills for the last few years. He has to take 1/2 pill, two times a day, for the rest of his life. Greenies pill pockets are handy, but expensive. Peanut butter was cheap, but messy. These milk bone pill treats are the perfect replacement! They’re affordable, and make pilling my dog a breeze. He loves them so much, he practically inhales them! They are a good size (would be great for larger capsules), but I end up cutting them in half (since we are just giving 1/2 pill each time). Product was well packaged and arrived on time. I would definitely recommend these!

  2. Cin

    We have tried “everything” to give our German Shepherd his medicine and no matter if it’s wet food or a hot dog he eventually always figures it out.. And fast.That wasn’t the case with this… Such a sucker! Finally we found something to truly trick him into giving him his meds.This smarty pants was no more and I had finally outsmarted him.This must taste and smell great because I was even able to sneak in his heartworm prevention medicine which is a huge pill and feeding him this has been the worse prior to hiding it with this.Well one day I ruined it… I got two treats instead of the one needed for his meds. He’s such a good boy after all so I gave him the extra one to really treat him.This was a mistake. Once I gave him this treat without his medicine he detected the difference immediately. Of course I should have known that but made this silly mistake! He won’t eat them now even without the meds, I gave the rest to my mom for her dogs so someone still enjoys them.Heed my advice… This product works! It can even trick the smartest (dumbest?) of dogs. But always always give it with the medicine so that they cannot taste the difference!

  3. SurrealChereal

    My dog loves these! I have the pickiest dog in the world. She is a shelter dog that I got about a year ago and she’s incontinent. (lucky me) She will not eat most food, not even people food, so you can imagine that she’s not eating some liver flavored pharmaceutical. She even won when I tried to force the issue. Wrap it in cheese? Sure she expertly eats the cheese off the pill and spits out the pill. I was reluctant to buy these, and was relegated to crushing the pill with a mortar and sprinkling it into her food. That got old fast.With the Milk-Bone pill pouches, she eats everything. The pill pouch is soft with a hole in it to insert the pill and then you can mold it around the pill completely encasing it. She has spit it out once, but then she picked it up and finished it off. I’m so glad I bought these, they’re making a big difference in getting that pill in her twice a day.

  4. SBS

    These are absolutely the best! My precious Goldendoodle is basically in hospice care with cancer. The last thing I wanna do is have to shove a pill down his throat! He takes a great deal of medication to keep him living the best quality life he can at this point. Pain meds and anti-inflammatories… Huge pills!!! After many doses I realize that I didn’t have to put his two giant capsules in different pockets, these pockets are so good I can put two giant capsules in one! In that way, they are better value, but I’m paying more than $20 a month for pill pockets alone at this point. I am grateful! These are absolutely the best, and Tobi loves them. When I say anything about taking pills now, his ears perk up! Hands-down, these are the best!!!

  5. Jodi

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     I never write reviews, but feel it necessary to do what I can to promote this product and keep it on the shelves. I really struggled to get my dog to take her very important medicine. Eight pills! Every day twice a day I would try another lunch meat, cheese, etc. my dog always manages to get the pill out of the cheese creation! I spent a fortune on different foods that didn’t work. We tried the other major brand of pill pocket and my dog looked at me like I was crazy. Then I stumbled on these. At first I needed to wrap the pills in the pouch and then the pouch in turkey. But a miracle! She would eat it. And the pill would not fall out!!! I found that the smaller the pill pouch the better and tear it in little pieces to wrap the pills in a little ball like play dough. Now I no longer need turkey at all. She gobbles the pill pouch! This product has really been a help to both my dog and my peace of mind. Can not recommend enough!

  6. A. Chaffer

    I ordered these because two of my dogs take medication daily and hiding it in cheese is not always feasible or economical. Not to mention the vet told me that dairy can cause kidney stones in dogs. So I adopted a dog recently and the previous owner gave me her meds with a bag of the Greenie pill pouches. GENIUS! they love them and think they are getting a treat. My great dane snarks it down so quick he does not realize there is a pill hidden in it. They are large enough that I can put two capsules in one of the pouches for him on his once daily dose of medication. If I need to give one pill, I can cut it in half and they are soft enough to mold around the pill. These are much moister and pliable than the greenies and cheaper. I got 5 packs of approx. 25 in each. I opened one pouch and counted them because I read another reviewer that said she got 10 in one pack. So far the value is great. I will continue to purchase these over the greenies because the quality seems better. They are larger and therefore I can actually medicate two dogs with one pouch if needed. They love the flavor thinking they are getting a treat.

  7. Lumpypotato

    We have a great Dane who won’t even eat steak if it isn’t medium rare. We tried everything under the sun and worked Google into the ground trying to save our dog. Passing over several variations of pill pockets about 50 times, assuming there is no way our dog would go for that.But he shoveled these down! I didn’t try them personally… It asked me to rate “flavor”… no thanks… so I assume their flavor is good? The pills stuck in the pouch so that he was unable to separate the two from each other when he was suspicious of me.I was really skeptical of these, because our dog is 20x more picky than any dog that has ever been in our family. We have a 3 kids all whom he grew up with and each one was at some point a toddler who throws food from the high chair. Over his 9 years we learned how picky the old bastard is. He won’t eat most cereal, no plain pancakes, no sausage links, store bought pizza is a hard no, don’t you dare offer him a vegetable, the list goes on and on.I really thought I was wasting my time and money purchasing these but I will shout from the rooftops for the rest of my life about how wonderful they are. They quite literally saved the old man’s life. We couldn’t get him to take life savings antibiotics when he got an infection. And it took my husband and me wrestling a 150lbs stubborn ass dog and holding his mouth open and tossing pills to the back of his throat like some kind of unholy Cornhole game. He hated us for trying to save his skin, we hated him for being a turd… It was rough all around. These swooped in and helped us avoid pricey dog/human therapy we would all inevitably need had we continued the dog/pill/cornhole game. Love this product.

  8. Bear

    The Dane is skeptical of any product that could conceal medication. Evidence of a childhood spent on medication for every ailment you can think of, and some the vet couldn’t. The first thing she does with any soft treat is drop it on the ground, sniff it over, then slowly dissemble it before eating the approved pieces and spitting out any offending medication. She could teach the TSA a thing or two about extreme vetting. The other day it was a peanut in the skin. What she thought I might be hiding in that skin, I will never know, but she wouldn’t eat the peanut until the skin was peeled away and spat out on the ground for inspection. She then ate the peanut and left the skin for dead.Anyway, back to this amazing product! The Dane gulps these down, with the pill, capsule or tablet, happily inside the pouch. And now happily inside the Dane. I will not give her pills without these. If you have a picky pill pooch, this is your kryptonite. When I ran out of these, I bought another brand. She gummed out the pills and laughed in disdain. (Okay, maybe I’m projecting here, but it FELT like she was laughing…) I now buy these in bulk, always keeping a sealed bag or two on hand. I also proselytize to friends, family, and random strangers on the street. When you find something that works this well, you just have to spread the word…

  9. Alikel

    These pill pouches are great. Just as good as the Greenies brand, but much less expensive. My dog loves them. I got a subscription in November for 5 packs of these a month for about $18 from this seller. All was fine until this month when I only received one bag. When I looked into why, I found out the seller had sneakily changed the amount of packs from 5 to 1 while keeping the price the same. They did not notify me in any way. BEWARE. $18 is highway robbery for one bag of pouches that cost about $3 in the store.UPDATE: I don’t have a subscription but have ordered twice since original review and have received the 5 packages as advertised.

  10. A Early

    I purchased the 5pk of this product. My only complaint was one of the packs was not sealed properly (factory issue).Comparing them to the Greenie Pill Pockets: they are about the same size, though slightly “tougher”. While both have a play-doh like consistency, the Milkbone ones just feel like they have seen a little more air. That said, I mush the pockets up and use them like dough to cover the pills, generally one pocket for 4-6 pills. My dog was recently injured and with the pills and supplements he is taking, putting one pill per pocket would turn into a meal in itself.He loves these “treats” and I have him do a simple trick for them and he just swallows them in his haste to be rewarded. I’ve been through 3 packs in 2 months and he’s only ever found and spit out one pill, which I re-covered and he ate in excitement.

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