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Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors


About this item

Plush Filled

Assorted colors

GRUNT when squeezed

Pets should be supervised while playing with toys and all damaged toys should be discarded

You will only receive ONE toy when ordering this item. The color will be randomly selected from one of several fun-filled colors

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  • Plush Filled
  • Assorted colors
  • GRUNT when squeezed
  • Pets should be supervised while playing with toys and all damaged toys should be discarded
  • You will only receive ONE toy when ordering this item. The color will be randomly selected from one of several fun-filled colors

10 reviews for Multipet’s 9-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globlet Pig Dog Toy, Assorted Colors

  1. Debra Kelter

    OMG my bulldog/Jack Russell loves his pig. He has a Mr. Pig a Mrs. Pig and a MS. Pig at this point. He plays with them, he sits with them while he is looking out the window, they sit with him while he watches tv with us in the evening. He takes them to bed with him and if you happen to accidentally make one oink, he is right there to see what you are doing to his pig!!These pigs are great for medium/large dogs. They can be tossed around like a ball. They are very durable and can be washed off if needed. The best is that it is hysterically funny listening to your dog running around linking like a pig! Very entertaining! LOL

  2. AReview4U

    I love this little toy. I love the way texture, latex, is thin and soft making it easy for them to squeak it. It oinks like a pig does which is also hilariously cute. The only problem I have with it is it is so big. Apparently there is a 4 inch size but somehow I ended up with a 9 inch which is rather large for the mouth of a Shih Tzu. Also I misunderstood and thought you got more than one in the order but you do not; you only get one and now my dogs are arguing over who gets it. Thank the Lord I ordered some more which haven’t arrived yet and can’t get here fast enough! anyway I recommend this toy for any of your little four-legged babies but I do also recommend you double check to make sure you get the 4-inch size in the event you have a small dog. The size I received is BIGGGGG and would be perfect for a dog the size of a beagle etc. I’ve seen smaller sizes offered but they DO NOT grunt, which seems to be what my doggies love so much.

  3. Gigi

    In fact, we make a joke that he is a “piggy hoarder”. He LOVES these, he picks them out if we take him into pet smart or wal-mart, he checks the amazon packages every delivery to see if he is getting one! He does adore them. Sometimes, unfortunately, being a Clumber Spaniel with a very large mouth and an aggressive chewer, he will tear them up, but not all of them.He is DEFINITELY a fan, I just wish they were a little sturdier…

  4. M. Kooiman

    Years ago I bought a latex “christmas” pig from a local pet store that went mostly ignored by my older dog. When I got a puppy two years ago, the pig came out and became the pup’s favorite toy. She was afraid of it at first but then loved the oink when she played with it and she carried it around everywhere and insisted I play with her with it. A couple of weeks ago “piggy” lost it’s oink and I started my desperate search for a replacement. The first pigs I found were mini pigs and I thought they would be better for my dog since she’s a small dog. She LOVES the mini but it squeaks instead of oinking. Then I found these pigs. They arrived yesterday and I pulled one out. Pressed on it and “OINK”. I’ve never seen a happier dog. She pushed on it and bit it and literally threw it at me wanting me to throw it for a game of fetch and then play with her with it.

  5. mvd

    my almost nine year old german shepherd dog, mina, is fond of carrying something in her mouth as she goes around the park on her walks. because she is a very good dog, she is allowed to be off leash in the park. but she is a big dog, and sometimes people are nervous when they see her coming.this piggy takes care of that problem. no one is afraid of a german shepherd dog who is carrying a bright blue pig that oinks every time she squeezes it (which is pretty much continuously). and the sound it makes is hilarious. the first night we took the pig on our walk, i spent the whole time laughing at the oink.the sound might prove irritating if your dog plays with the piggy in the house, but mina only carries hers when she is out for a walk. and the piggy is nice and soft, and seems more comfortable for her to carry than the hard rubber ball she used to take with her (until she lost it).i am sure the piggy will have to be replaced eventually, but it was quite affordable, so that is fine. it is a great piggy.

  6. E Roberts

    This is the best dog toy ever. My dog is obsessed with them. He does eventually chew the squeaker out but they last a long time and he has so much fun with them it is worth buying one every now and then. We call it his swine ball and it keeps him entertained for hours. The sound enthralles him and it has just enough bounce that he can barely keep a hold of it and has to chase it all over the place. He has one waiting in his stocking for Christmas morning.?

  7. KEH

    This is my grand-dog’s favorite toy. It is loud and obnoxious and he adores it. My daughter, however, hates it. She was exultant when he finally make the oinker dislodge and stop working. I quite happily ordered another one and it was delivered the next day. I got a text from my daughter that said “I thought you loved me!” I laughed and laughed, then told her “Girl, those are 5 bucks and free shipping with Prime, this is a sustainable purchase for me for the length of my life or the dog’s whichever comes first.” And then I cackled with glee for a good 10 minutes. Got my requisite video of the dog oinking the heck out of the thing that very evening.

  8. Ashley Campbell

    I made the mistake of not reading and making sure I haven’t looked back to check and see if they actually mention this. I know that others made the mistake too. After reading some of the reviews.That being said I buy these pigs all the time at Walmart and I think it’s actually a little cheaper here but definitely the price point is very much similar and the product is just as good actually maybe a little better as I don’t think the pigs we ordered from this company have lost their squeak yet. My dog loves the squeak toy we have bought her countless pigs like this we thought we were getting a good deal and maybe these will last her a while but turned out to be only one. The texture of them are good and it makes a ounking sound my dog loves it

  9. Brandon Diaz de Leon

    Honest review , 5 stars with a grain of salt . This is probably the 6th time buying these pigs , I had gotten these before too at Ralph’s , but were like a dollar more . I’ve got to say , these things don’t last long for big dogs , but man do they love these !! Before I give it to them , I will squeeze these so it sounds like a pig , and my husky will literally run to me from the other side of the house . He obeys all my commands just to get a chance to chew these things up ! They only last him from 2 to 20 minutes depending on his excitement but he never lets it go . This is his favorite toy of all , and I have bought him plenty . This will make your dog happy , but your wallet might not like it too much. If you love your dog tho , like me , maybe get these on special occasions lol.

  10. Sarah

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     My dog is absolutely CRAZY over this toy. It’s holding up really well so far. Lots of teeth marks but no punctures. She has finally passed out after hours of going nuts over this thing, and I have no doubt it will remain a favorite for as long as it lasts.Edit: October 15, 2020She finally tore a hole in her original pig (which we named DePiglio) and started to pull the stuffing out after many months of lovingly carrying it around and running around the house with it. She is not a chewer which is probably why it has lasted this long, but the way she likes to vigorously shake it is what eventually wore it down I think. Today, DePiglio the Second arrived, and she is thrilled to have her favorite toy back. IDK what it is about this toy but she adores it and I think I will have to keep ordering them for her as long as she lives.

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