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Probios Vet Plus Dispersible Digestive Powder, 240gm


Help promote healthy digestive system

Easy to dispense and administer; Just sprinkle on feed

Recommended for all age dogs & puppies

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  • Help promote healthy digestive system
  • Easy to dispense and administer; Just sprinkle on feed
  • Recommended for all age dogs & puppies

10 reviews for Probios Vet Plus Dispersible Digestive Powder, 240gm

  1. Lisa W.

    My rescued golden retriever was 3 when I adopted him off the streets. He had significant stomach issues and regular episodes of diarrhea. After $1000 worth of testing at the vet, he was diagnosed with colitis. He was prescribed Purina EN kibble and vitamin B shots (that I administered myself). I was still seeing some inconsistency in my golden’s waste. After investigating online, I gave PROBIOS a try about 2 years ago and my dog has been taking it ever since. I literally put a sprinkle of the Probios powder (about a 1/4 teaspoon) on his morning kibble (brand: always Purina EN). (He’s about 75 lbs in weight). I only give him this in the morning, as it totally regulates his bowels. To me, this has been an amazing “find” for my family, as it was difficult for us to take trips, the yard was getting soiled and I was having to get up in the middle of the night to let him outdoors. My vet is aware that I’m using Probios for my dog and has taken the Probios info. that I provided her, so she can share with other dog owners.

  2. Stirling

    This just arrived this afternoon, the Probios.I have 5 very sick kittens about 6 months old. As soon as i got it in the house I gave two of them one teaspoon over food and fed it to them. They loved it and ate it all up and within a few hours, only a few hours, the stool was firm and almost normal. I was told by a vet to get this stuff and I am happy. It works very well and if you have sick kittens or sick cats with diarrhea, this is the best thing you can buy. I have done everything and nothing worked until now. Texas is happy and my kittens are healing quickly due to Probois. The cup of product is exactly as advertised.

  3. T. Arnold

    I have used this stuff for years, and recommend it to anyone that I talk with who has a dog. I have 2 Mastiffs, a Rottweiler, and an English Bulldog, and none of them ever have loose stool, or any type of common medical problems most canines suffer. They all eat prepared meals with Probios added daily. The key to a healthy dog comes from a healthy digestive tract, not from “try this med or try that med”. This stuff just works, keeps the digestive tract balanced, which in turn leads to a strong immune system. My 4 dogs are never at the vet, and very healthy.

  4. Addierm97

    I own 3 Great Danes, and a Heeler mix. I tell everyone this is a MUST for Great Danes, and other fur babies as well!! I give it daily. My 3 Danes are insanely picky, and they do not even realize this is on their food! My female Dane could not gain weight, and my adult male Dane had constant loose stools, with full diarrhea often… This healed them, and continues to keep them healthy!!

  5. Lisa

    Had to put my horse on this when he was on stall rest recovering from an injury. The change in his diet and routine made his stomach hurt and he began displaying strange behaviors (besides being insane from being cooped up, he was starting to eat other horses poop). My vet recommended we try probiotics and within 48 hours of being on probios, no more poop eating and his tummy didn’t seem quite as upset.It must not taste too bad either because he never notices it in his feed bowl. The dosage amount is great too, because you can easily wean them off of it once they go back to regular turn-out.

  6. Laurie

    I have horses and two of them have recently been put on a medication that has been tough on there gut. Giving them diarrhea and I’m sure their bellies aren’t feeling all that stable. So I decided to give this product a try. I had read quite a few reviews on different webpages a different sellers. So I pulled the trigger. I’ve got to say both my horse Are doing much better. It’s not gonna be a mediate you need to follow through for a month if we really see a clear difference. Nothings perfect but I can see without a doubt this product has helped both of them.The price is fair and I have looked at many other products don’t hesitate to try this one.

  7. slythrn_barnbum

    My friend used this for her horse, and I tried a bit with my dog (directions for different animals are on the label). My dog was suffering from runny poos and gurgly tummy, and this helped her feel much more comfortable and get her back to healthy potty times. Anytime she goes to eat grass, we give her Probios instead and it keeps her from getting ill. She loved the flavor and will just eat the powder off a plate, we don’t even need to mix it in with her food.

  8. Colleen

    Easy to use – just follow dosage chart on jar and sprinkle on food. We have an elderly rescued boxer mix (~60lbs) with pancreas / stomach issues and as long as we give her this and her special (low fat) diet she’s been great! She is very finicky and does not complain about this in her food at all. I definitely noticed a change in her bowel movement the day we ran out of the probios. I reordered immediately and will be sure that doesn’t happen again. We also give this to our older ~150lb Great Dane mix as a precautionary measure as he has Addison’s disease. Definitely doesn’t hurt!

  9. Pip

    When my family finally decided to get chickens this past spring, I did a TON of research on how to raise them organically. We wanted organic, soy free eggs, so I read every book on raising chickens, researched the best organic feeds, and read every book/article/journal I could get my hands about chicken health.Probiotics are one of the most important supplements you can give to your chickens to keep them healthy without medicated feed! In fact, Purdue has commissioned TONS of research on raising antibiotic free chickens. While it is technically geared towards large commercial flocks, which I do not have and I’m against factory farming, the information is invaluable to smaller flocks of free-range, spoiled, and well-loved hens like ours!After doing all my reading and researching, I found that Probios is generally considered one of the best dispersible probiotics available. It is highly researched and is SQF Level 3 certified. That means that the manufacturing facility go through ANNUAL recertification audits and continues to meet the highest standards of food and supplement safety standards, both government and industry. So you can be assured you are receiving a quality and potent product.The 240 gram jar is perfect for those with small flocks or a family that includes multiple dogs/cats/other pets. We have 12 chickens and a jar lasts us approx 2 months. The powder can either be sprinkled on food or dispersed in drinking water. We personally add it to their drinking water to be certain they each get a good dose every day. When added to water, it dissolves easily with a little agitation. I use the shower sprayer on our hose and that works perfectly!While I can’t tell you exactly how much my girls are getting, what I can tell you is that I managed to raise 12 very healthy and happy hens. I started them on probiotics from day 1, and I did not lose a single chick. They are now almost 8 months old and we have had ZERO health issues to date. So I’m a very happy chicken mom! So happy, in fact, that I bought some for our cats and dogs as well!Overall, this is a great product that is extremely affordable. For fellow chicken moms, this will help keep your girls happy and healthy even on organic feed!Highly Recommended!

  10. Edgar Fematt

    After deworming my senior pug he had lasting stomach troubles of loose stools and my vet suggested this brand of probiotics after deworming and diet change.boiled chicken, white rice, and this powder. I also mixed in along with fish oil for dogs.1st day no change, 2nd day stool less soft, and after a week my dog went from loose stools to back to normal.He’s back to eating normal diet and no problems now.This really helps gain back that balance lost from worms and gut bacteria imbalances.

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