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Vitakraft Pet Rabbit Slims with Carrot – Nibble Stick Treat (1.76 OZ)


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Made With Harvest Fresh Grains And Carrots That Provide Your Pet With The Tastiest Of Treats.

Contains Only The Finest Ingredients To Create A Nutritious Snack Your Pet Will Love.

Delicious Light Nibbling Snacks

Easy To Digest And Make An Ideal Snack For Rabbits

Made In The Usa.

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  • Made With Harvest Fresh Grains And Carrots That Provide Your Pet With The Tastiest Of Treats.
  • Contains Only The Finest Ingredients To Create A Nutritious Snack Your Pet Will Love.
  • Delicious Light Nibbling Snacks
  • Easy To Digest And Make An Ideal Snack For Rabbits
  • Made In The Usa.

10 reviews for Vitakraft Pet Rabbit Slims with Carrot – Nibble Stick Treat (1.76 OZ)


    My rats like these. These can be SUPER hard to break or cut into smaller pieces. But I usually manage to break these each in half and each rat gets a half once in a while for a treat. I mix up their treats, so they do not get one particular treat all the time. I have not had any problems with these treats.

  2. Hyejin (Grace) Choi

    I have a Chinese dwarf hamster that was very picky about its chew toy. Dog biscuits seemed to work but they were quite easy to break down and I didn’t want my hamster to have a ton of it. This product is wood-hard and smells sweet in general. I’m pretty positive that my hamster sees it as a treat, because it will pull a stick into its hidey-hole and munch on it for a while. For my hamster, this takes a while to grind down and my hamster doesn’t seem to be munching on it throughout the whole day. I can occasionally see the hammy chewing on it. So any dwarf hamster owners, if your hamster is picky on a chew toy, go for this one. Make sure to take it out if they seem to be only muching on this treat but I think it was less of a problem for a mine.

  3. Timothy R.

    My big Guy Wabbit, Maize really loves these Vitakraft Pet Rabbit Slims with Carrot! Before I go further, there is a sister product to these that are without the carrot. I guess that just leaves Stick! But in this case that’s cool. Maize likes them both with a nod to the Carrot variety. Vitakraft does a good clean product here and you can feel good about giving to your Bunnies, in moderation. They can be broken in half to spread them out. But at times I like that they are a satisfying snack that seems to make Maize happy for a while. The big attraction to these Slim’s seem to be the crunch. And maybe that he has to chase it around a bit? Good Stuff and Maize Approved!

  4. J. McGinley

    Although actual fresh carrots are probably the best way to go for bunnies, mine are actually addicted to these sticks and will literally snatch them right out of your hand before you can even drop them into the bowl. As soon as they see/hear you open the bag, they go nuts. One of them immediately starts running laps in his cage in wild anticipation! Their Absolute Favorite treat in the entire known world – and both rabbits have given them five stars.

  5. James Williams

    We have three rabbits and we love to mix things up and give them different treats, but we’ve found that they’re much more fond of softer treats like banana and dried cranberries than they are of anything crunchy for their teeth. We purchased Vitakraft Slims Carrot Rabbit Treats for them, and they go absolutely crazy for them now. As soon as they hear the bag (or any similar sounding bag), they start running around excitedly, and once they get a chance to steal it out of my hand, they’re off to a corner somewhere to happily munch away. I can’t personally speak to the flavor, but it seems obvious to me that our rabbits don’t have any complaints. We’ve also found that the package goes a little further if you break the stick in half, and the rabbits seem unaffected by the smaller portion.

  6. Elizabeth

    I bought both the alfalfa and the carrot slims for my Syrian Hamster. She nibbled a bit on the alfalfa one but has largely ignored it. I didn’t think she would particularly care but a tiny bit of alfalfa helps their digestive system and I believe it’s helped in that department. Anyways, I ended up buying the carrot ones and she has gone wild over them! They are nice and hard for chewing. I thought maybe they’d be a little softer and more like a treat that she could munch on. I was happily mistaken when I realized how hard these were. They are like a a wood stick for chewing except flavored and textured. It’s the same size, relative shape and hardness. I find it sitting in whatever den/hide she has used for the night and hear her gnawing in it. For a hamster that is picky and has never taken to any chews (and I’ve tried them all including dog chews!) she really likes these. I doubt that they are particularly healthy but considering she wouldn’t chew on anything else I don’t really care and will probably buy the corn ones to try out as well. These will last quite a long time bc she spends her time gnawing on it instead of actually eating them. I lost a few to the ravages of a small bladder and had to throw them away but it would take her a very very long time to actually get through and eat an entire one. Other animals would be different and they would probably go through them much more quickly (like a bunny or chinchilla etc)The price is a steal and she loves them so I’m very happy!!

  7. Erin

    My winter white hamster runs over and jumps up on his hind legs in excitement when offered one of these. He carries it with him to different areas of the cage (adorable), so it’s also like a toy. It’s very dense and hard, so it satisfies my hamster’s need to gnaw, which is supposed to be good for his teeth. I chose this product because the packaging says it includes vitamins with no added sugar. Since the chew is about 2 inches and my little guy is only a dwarf, one chew can easily last 4 or 5 days. I can use the chew to lure him into a smaller holding container when it’s time to clean his habitat, and then to soothe him if he is agitated during that process.

  8. H. Martin

    Our two giant Flemish baby rabbits just love this treats, better than any other treats that I have bought. They are fresh and crunchy enough to maintain their ever growing teeth.I do however only give it to them once a day.These arrived sealed and they are fresh.I highly recommend them.I have included two photos and hoping that Amazon keeps them here. If you feel that my review has helped you in anyway please be so kind and hit the yes spots below this review.

  9. Erik H.

    I have 2 rabbits. A Holland Lop and a Mini Rex. Neither one is a particularly picky eater, but there are definitely certain treats they prefer more than others. These are one of those treats. Tasty, crunchy, and a nice size – not too big or too small. I feed my rabbits usually one in the morning and one at night, in addition to their pellets and hay.

  10. C. Noble

    My bunny knows exactly when snack time is and will throw a fit if she doesn’t get one of these (either flavor carrot or alfalfa, haven’t tried corn yet). Plus, they’re extremely affordable and you get plenty in the bag for at least a week, maybe longer. I’ve never actually counted and I don’t think it has anything but weight on the bag. I do wish we could buy bigger sized bags. But all in all, no complaints.I wouldn’t give these to anything other than bunnies though. Especially not guinea pigs.

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