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Wesco Pet Ole Bird Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy : Parrot Kabob


Satisfies the instinctual need to chew

Made from soft fibrous pithy wood that is irresistable to hookbill birds


The original shreddable bird toy

Described as bird catnip

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  • Satisfies the instinctual need to chew
  • Made from soft fibrous pithy wood that is irresistable to hookbill birds
  • Biodegradable
  • The original shreddable bird toy
  • Described as bird catnip

10 reviews for Wesco Pet Ole Bird Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy : Parrot Kabob

  1. Hotrod

    My sun conure has never been “big” on playing and chewing on all his toys in his cage. He does sometimes, but not a lot. It was getting to the point he was chewing on EVERYTHING. My finger, my clothes, the shower curtain, the couch, etc. Conures natural instinct is to chew and they like doing it, too. When I got him this, I put it in his cage one evening and the next morning he was already chewing on it! He has also stopped chewing on my finger and doesn’t chew on everything as much!! 🙂 (That equals a happy parrot parent!) I read some reviews about peoples’ parrots chewing them up just in a few hours or a few days…. it has been over two weeks since I put this in his cage, and he has chewed it up a lot but I would say 80-85% of it is still there. I have seen him chew a piece off and hold it with his foot and keep chewing on it. I think it just depends on the size of your parrot’s beak, and their personality as to how fast they will chew it up. All birds have different personalities and preferences.I did read some reviews of some unfortunate things that happened to people’s parrots because of this toy. Just take extra precaution as to how you put it in their cage. I have his in the safest place in his cage, tied really well, to the top of his cage and also another knot outside of his cage on his playstand on top so he could NEVER untie the string from inside the cage. You just have to examine your cage and make the best decision on how to put it in your birds cage, HOWEVER you have to do that. Just like with children, you have to make the best decision for your pet’s best interest as they are not capable of doing so themselves.Overall, my sun conure and I both are very happy with this purchase! I will definitely be buying another when he chews this one up completely. 🙂

  2. Laurili2

    My budgies were scared when I first installed it, but now omg they’re tearing it apart! Lol they just can’t stay away from it! Too much enjoyment and so much fun to be picking on it! I do recommend it and I’m buying some more!

  3. Jynx

    I recently purchased one of these for the first time for my 5 budgies. As they of course, like any budgie/parakeet, have particular and specific tastes known only to them – I was skeptical as to how well it would go over.It took less than a day for them to notice however, and then it started. The planned and systematic destruction of the Kabob invader. It started with one, and then the others joined in. Soon it became evident that they were working together – despite the bitter love triangle that had been plaguing the community – to plan and plot.They take shifts. All day long it’s nibble-nibble-nibble. They tag in and out and sometimes work in groups. It’s only day two and Kabob is down more than 2 blocks. Their glee in Kabob’s destruction is evident.Kabob will not last long. They are determined. They are strong. And heaven help me if they ever set their sights higher on anything bigger than Kabob.

  4. Time to walk the dog, Dave

    If you untie the string and take the shreddable ‘donuts’ off the kabob, you can add them as parts to other toys. For an example, see the picture gallery. I added kabob donuts to a 

    Mac’s Spinner Sticks Natural Bird Toy

    . And, yes, I needed a little help from a drill to make the donut holes bigger.Why do this? It causes my budgie (parakeet) to split his time between shredding kabob donuts and chewing on the wooden parts from the other toy. The kabob parts now last longer for me (when compared to just leaving them on the kabob) and my budgie is generally happier with toys that have a mix of parts.–

  5. GaryBV

    My Fischer Lovebirds, Papillon & Mariposa, love this thing. I can see that this is something I’m going to have to buy once a month or so but it keeps them occupied and exercised – as I have it hanging in a spot they sorta have to work to get at it. I don’t want to make it too easy because it would be gone in a week! I am very careful to keep as little of the rope exposed to the birds as possible as I take very seriously some other reviews warning of their birds getting caught in it, but few things are without risk – and as long as I’m careful I think it’s worth it. I give this a 5 star rating because it has exceeded my expectations. Do I wish it cost less? YES, but that’s just how it goes. Do I wish it lasted longer? YES, but, again, it is what it is and the birds love it. It wasn’t something they went after the day I put it in, it was in their cage for a good week before they showed any interest in it. I think most birds are very wary of new things, new foods, new toys, anything new to their cage, but after they became comfortable with it I see them going at it daily. Give your bird some time to adjust to it and most likely your bird will love this too. I bought the regular sized one, I think I will try the ole next time because it’s larger and may last longer. Regardless of the size of your bird, I would not buy the mini sized, start with the regular/medium and your bird will turn it into a mini in no time!Update: My birds have gotten so used to having the Kabob in their cage that they are going through them faster. To help with that the last time I purchased them the larger ole’ size, and as they were already used to having the ‘original’ size kabob in their cage, the transition to the larger ole’ has proved a non-event – they went right at it and it is proving to lasting longer than the original size. I really do not recommend buying the mini for any size bird, even a single parrotlet or parakeet would love the original size after they become used to it in their cage and you won’t have to replace it so quickly. As a precaution I do cut the rope quite short – I tie it to the top of the cage pretty closely and then I cut off the excess as a precaution from a bird getting caught in the rope.Outstanding product. Buy it for your bird(s).2nd Update: The ole’ has not proven to be the success I had hoped. There are several pre-drilled openings that the birds have chewed at (my birds are smaller, lovebirds and parrotlets) and this ole’ has a hard ‘crust’ on it that my birds don’t seem to be able to penetrate – larger parrots such as Amazons, African Grays, etc., might not have this problem at all, but small species will. I went back to the ‘original’ size for the lovebirds and I’m going to stick with them – the ole’ is still in their cage but is not going mostly ignored. This Wesco original kabob has been the most heavily used of any toy in my birds cages.In order to advance my crusade to improve bird nutrition and health I wanted to include here a recipe for a fresh diet that a breeder I highly respect gave me (Thank you Angela) just to offer some advice to keep our pet birds healthier – it is not at all related this the product I have reviewed here but it could very well give you some great ideas to get fresh fruits and vegetables into your bird.All domestic birds, especially parrots, lovebirds, parrotlets, parakeets, canaries, finches, conures, etc, should have fresh fruit and vegetables and they can present a challenge to get them to eat them. Gives this recipe a try Here’s a recipe that I make and it took some time for them to get used to it, but now my lovebirds and my parrotlets both eat this when provided. I give it in the morning and remove uneaten food in the evening.1 apple cored and chopped1/2 Cup chopped raw broccoli1 Chopped bell pepper seed included2 shredded carrots1/2 Cup chopped greens (bok choy, mustard greens, kale and/or chard)1/4 Cup frozen corn (can be eliminated if you put slices of raw corn on the cob in treat holders/clips in your cage – all my birds LOVE it and I have had 100% success getting them to eat this)1/4 Cup frozen peas1/2 Cup cooked rice (brown or GABA brown rice)1/2 Cup cooked dried beans (they will need to be soaked overnight for 8 hours)A handful of blueberries, chopped cherries and chopped seedless grapesMix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Place ingredients in an ice cube tray and freeze. Remove frozen cubes and place in plastic bags to store in freezer. Then you can take out the perfect portion on a daily basis . They say 1 cube per bird but you may find that 1 cube will work well for a pair of birds of if smaller birds, even more. Instead of an ice cube tray I use slider freezer bags and press them flat after I fill them with enough of the mixture and this way I can easily break off appropriate sized pieces. This recipe is variable and you can switch out or add/delete ingredients that you have on hand or what you know your birds already like.This recipe is in ADDITION to their regular diet of pellets and seeds and not a substitute.

  6. Tara

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     Wish I could give 20 stars! One of my best ever purchases. I need to buy stock in your company. My birds spend so much time with these that sometimes I’ll need to persuade them with treats to come out of their cages to fly around and get some excersize rather than stay and play with the kabob. Really happy with these. My only issue is that I’m continually buying them and can get costly after the 1st few groups of 4+. Lol. Highly recommend.

  7. kyle

    One of my budgies absolutely loves chewing her way through these blocks of wood. She chews threw the bottom, then the side holes, and basically hollows the thing out. It’s a great art project for her.They are very soft wood, which means they don’t last. I just bought my second one recently. Luckily they’re cheap, and worth the cost for how much my bird loves going to town on it.One weird thing I noticed, probably just bird-specific, but she didn’t touch the toy when it was hanging in her cage for a week or so. Once i took the wood out of the cage and laid it down on a table nearby, she started taking more notice of it. So don’t get discouraged if your bird doesn’t like it at first; give them time.

  8. Courtney Arnold

    Our budgie loves to chew and shred and this is the perfect toy for her. We were a little concerned with the coloration as it kinda looks like mold. However, no matter where you go they will all look a little different. That’s because it’s a natural product and colors will vary. I asked my avian vet if it was safe and she assured me there is no mold. My budgie has been tearing these apart for two years now and it’s her favorite toy! Perfect for all birds that like to destroy!

  9. M. Yu

    My bird is absolutely obsessed with this toy, after an hour of being afraid of it. I’ve accidentally ordered the giant one. Look at how tiny he is!It only took him a couple of days to destroy the smaller one. Will have to see how long it lasts.

  10. Risa SJ

    Our female budgie loves to chew. It’s funny, because our male just chews occasionally. She on the other hand is manic. Always chewing and shredding her perches, nests, and toys. This big log keeps her busy and saves the other items in her cage. It’s the third one we’ve bought and she loves it. Takes her many months but she eventually hollows out the entire thing. After she finished one, we took it out and gave her a break for a couple months and rotated in some other chew toys. When we put the new one of these logs in, within seconds she jumped on it and was chewing away. I think she missed it. Of note, it is large and you need a good size cage for it… but you really should have your birds in a big cage anyway;) (We have the large sized vision for our two budgies).

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